Welcome to Thailand, the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. As the only nation to never be colonized in Southeast Asia, it is also filled with impressive cultural and historical sites, including hundreds of years-long ruins. And amid tourism’s heavy flow, Thailand maintains its quintessential character with its own distinctive culture and history, as well as a carefree people famous for their smiles. Let’s look at some of the best tourist attraction in Thailand:

  1. Phuket

Phuket is Thailand most biggest and popular island and for a reason. It has something for literally everyone no matter if you go there for a weekend or a week. There is luxurious hotels for jetsetters, great restaurants and activities for families and things to do for backpackers. It has many good restaurants that make it to Michelin list and street food stalls. Its clear turquoise water with so many white sand beaches you can visit a different beach everyday of your visit, calls you for relaxing sunbathing with cold drink in hand.  Diving and fishing trips are popular here. Different beaches have different atmosphere and can offer you completely different type of holidays. For those eager to clubbing Phuket has wild nightlife. It is great and easy destination for someone travelling to Thailand for the first time.

  1. Krabi

Krabi has Thailand’s most beautiful scenery. People say that almost all postcard sceneries of Thailand are photographed in here. It is so beautiful that its enchanting landscape attracts masses of tourists. But it is so magical that it makes you not to care about that. Mountains of different shapes, caves to be explored, hidden lagoons, water that is so unbelievable turquoise and green, white beaches to bathe in sun and green jungles. Day’s don’t get boring here as you can go island hopping to deserted islands, hiking on top of mountains, climbing steep mountain walls or learning to dive. Krabi is an ideal place to spend vacation and pay a visit.

  1. Bangkok

The heart of Thailand. Beating and vibrant. Skyscrapers and parks. Massages and exercise. Temples and offices. Malls and markets. Drinks and food. As we all know, Thai food is world famous. In here, it is even better than anywhere else where you have tasted it. Bangkok is filled with restaurants, gourmet and street food. No matter where you walk, you can eat world class food from basic street food corner and it is cheap and delicious. Food bloggers paradise, well if you enjoy food it’s a paradise for you too.

There is literally no time to enjoy all the nice things Bangkok is offering as there are so many attractions. Nightmarkets with everything you can think of, new malls with latest trends, temples with beautiful architecture, thaiboxing events here and there. Evenings can be spent doing anything from shopping,clubbing to exercising and jogging in parks. Parks are literally crowded with youngsters to old runners who take care of their looks and health. This metropolis is a hub for international people and all kinds of businesses you find here and can think of explain it better than words.

This is the place to see. You hate it or you love it. There are no in between

  1. Trang islands

If you’re up for small paradise islands, look no further. Trang islands is there for travellers who value authentic, quiet, free from stress experience. The Islands is very small, but it is packed with jungles and beaches. Instead of staying in hotels, you can stay in cabins that brings out the nature in you.

  1. Pai

Pai has a very little population however, the town offers natural adventure. The town also contains temples and afternoon markets. You could also experience waterfalls, hot springs with just bike or scooter and hikes to national park or mountain villages. The picturesque landscape is mostly mountains so you can spend time in the most relaxing scenery all while sipping coffee.

  1. Koh samui

Koh samui is an island and a city off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. If you are one of the People who value luxury then you may have come to the right place.  The island has wide range of luxurious hotels and often couples come here for romantic getaways. Its great place for self-care holiday with spas and tasty food. Koh Samui also have a wonderful nightlife that has no ending!

  1. Hua Hin

Located south from the Thailand’s capital Bangkok, the town is populated with just 60,000 people. However there are tons of things that could catch your attention. One of it is the Hua Hin beach. It is the most suitable place for you to relax and tan your skin. Next there is also Cicada market, a place where you can purchase tons of arts and crafts. Speaking of arts the town also have a 4D Art museum. So what are you waiting for? Get artsy!

  1. Ko Lanta

A large island that has a much laid back atmosphere, long beaches, jungle covered mountains, and an amazing place to witness the sunset. In here, it is recommended to get your own transportation as you can explore more of the island.

  1. Koh Phi Phi Lay

Remember Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie the beach? It was filmed in here. Locals say it was the best to Phi Phi. Just because of the films popularity, this island is on its fans bucket list. The island has its own uniqueness. The aqua waters, the lush green scenery, crystal clear waters, and amazing limestone cliffs. The whole island is suitable for those who loves to do outdoor activities such as, snorkelling, diving, hiking, and also rock climbing.

Thailand has its own long religious history. The result of a complex history created so many temples, shrines, monuments that has become a historical place all over the country. Here are some places that you should definitely check out if you are interested on the history of how Thailand exists:

  1. The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace of Bangkok Is one of the top tourist attraction that is located in the heart of Bangkok. The palace is a grand old dame that was built on in the year 1782. With an amazing architecture, this palace was once the home of the royal king of Thailand and also was a Royal Court. Despite the age of the building, there are still tons of events and auspicious happenings.

  1. The temple of dawn (Wat Arun)

This wonderful Temple located on the western side of the Chao Phraya River is one of the oldest and most spectacular temple in Thailand.  What makes the place unique is the colourful glazed ceramic tiles that currently towers over 260 feet! The unusual fact of the history of the temple is something to be checked out as well!

  1. Lanna Folklife Museum

If you are someone who enjoys learning cultures, traditions and religions of people in Thailand, then it is a must to see this museum. This museum showcases the life, culture and history of the Lanna people of Thailand. Located in the oldest city, Chiang Mai, This museum would be a perfect start to venture in the city.

  1. Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex

Located in the northeast of Bangkok, this forest is one of UNESCXO worlds Heritage sites.  Home to hundreds flora and faunas and also several which are under threats such as elephant, tiger, leopard and Siamese crocodile.

  1. Ayutthaya

The historical town and one of the most beautiful historical cities ever in Thailand. This archeological gem contains numerous temples, monasteries, and ancient statues. The city also has a historical park which is designated as UNESCO world heritage sites as well. If you are into photography, this city is one of the most photographed spots in Thailand.

  1. Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit(Buddhist temple)

The sanctuary hall has Thailand’s largest bronze Buddha images that was from the 15th century.. However, around 17th century the figure was badly damaged by the lightning-induced fire. But finally the statue and some of the building were repaired and has become one of Ayuthaya’s must see destination.

  1. Sirindhon Museum

Located in Kalasin province, a remarkable dinosaur excavation site in the Northeast of Thailand. This is the first dinosaur fossil museum in Thailand mainly for the purpose of research, preservation of the fossils and also geological tourism. You can actually see dinosaur’s fossil displayed standing in front of the museum!

  1. Dong Muang Toei Ancient Town

This old town is located 1 km south of Song Puey Village. Ancient city was found in Dong Muang Toey as the base of the temple, the pond and the city wall. Although destroyed, the rest of them indicated that it was once a settlement in the Chenla-Dhavaravadi period or in the 7th century. The inscription by Chenla King suggested that this ancient site was Shivism’s religious site.

In Thailand, there are huge numbers of places that you can buy souvenirs. For an awesome shopping experiences, the country caters with so many kinds if malls, weekend bazaars, night markets and floating markets! The following list is something that you can get in Thailand:

  1. Thai spices and sauces

Thailand is quite famous for its Tomyam and other delicacies. If you’re someone who likes the savoury taste and the Asian spices in your food, then you must get the sauces to enjoy authentic and unique flavors at home!

  1. Spa products and soap flowers

Thailand is very particular on the Ayurveda ingredients that is used during massage or as skincare product. You can take some really good massage oils and experience your Thailand experience back home.

  1. Nuts

Thailand uses nuts in most of their meals. Since it’s produced in mass quantity, you literally can get cheap and quality nuts anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Go nuts!

  1. Coconut products

Anything from coconuts can be available in Thailand. As coconut is planted everywhere, the country have used the opportunity to make products out of them. Something you can get really cheap is the quality organic coconut oil that has multipurpose function. From massaging, cooking, and hair enrichment, the coconut oil is something you should definitely get!

  1. Elephant Pants

If you are a woman who travels in Thailand, then you definitely must get yourself a pair of bohemian-chic harem pants that is not only cheap but also super comfortable to wear on a regular basis.

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