Frequently Ask Question from Merchant

1. How much is enche commission fee to be charged on merchant?
13%+ transaction fees per successful sales transaction in B2B and B2C.

2. How long does it take to approve my application to be merchant?
Approval process on merchant application will take up to three (3) working days.

3. How long does it take to approve a product listing in our personal store?
Approval process on merchant product listing will take up to three (3) working days.

4. Can merchants list their products from mobile phone?
Yes. Merchant can list their products and upload the product photo via mobile phone.

5. What payment method does enche support?
Malaysia buyer – Credit Card / Debit Card, FPX, cash payment at 7-eleven outlet.International buyer – Credit Card

6. Can merchant sell the products to overseas’ customers?
Yes. Merchants can sell their product globally without needing to list the product multiple times. (Term and condition applied).

7. How will merchants receive payments for every successful transaction?
Upon every successful purchase, enche will hold the payment until buyer confirm order received. The money will be credited into merchant’s dashboard.

8. How merchant can withdraw money?
Merchant has to submit the request for withdrawal through merchant’s dashboard.

9. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
The minimum amount that merchant can withdraw is RM 100.00 in single withdrawal (for both B2B and B2C merchant & enchepreneur)

10. What is the maximum amount that merchant can withdraw?
The maximum amount merchant can withdraw is RM 500,000.00 in single withdrawal.

11. Can merchant customize the merchant’s dashboard?
No. enche is providing a standardized dashboard for all merchants.

12. What is the maximum limitation for product listings?
No. There are no limitation for product listings.

13. Will merchant set the selling price of product in the platform?
Yes. Merchant will decide the selling price.

14. Upon withdrawal request, how long does it take for the payment to be reflected in merchant’s bank account?
It will take one (1) to three (3) working day(s).

15. What is product listing?
Product listing is the merchant listing the product in merchant’s store.

16. Are there any charges for product listing?
No. Product listing is free for merchants.

17. Can merchant set their preferred delivery option?
Yes. Merchant can prefer their delivery options upon product listing process.

18. How merchant will be notified when there is a new purchase order?
Merchant will receive the notification through the mobile apps and also by e-mail.

19. What is the restricted product to sell at enche platform?
Merchant is prohibited to sell any counterfeit product, sexual oriented product, drugs and non-halal product (which contain of pork or alcoholic in food & beverages) and product with toxic ingredient at enche platform. (Terms & Condition applied.)

20. What are the required documents by merchant upon sign up?
Refer to merchant application form,

21. Can merchant list the product in B2B and B2C simultaneously?
Yes. Merchant can list their product in both platforms provided during the product listing merchant have to select the option “to sell in bulk” or, and “sell in OEM” for B2B product listing.

22. How can merchant request for account termination?
Merchant has to email us to to request for account termination.

23. How long does it take for the termination process?
It will take up to 30 working day do that merchant can clear the outstanding order within the period.

24. Is there any registration/ sign up fees to be a merchant?
No. The sign up is free.

25. Who bare the Shipping Fees?
Buyer will pay the shipping fees upon checkout process.

26. Do enche offer protection against fraud?

Protection to Merchant:
• Merchant will only receive notification to prepare the order once enche receive payment from the buyer.
• To prevent any fraud or scam, enche will handles the dispute process.

Protection to Buyers:
• Merchant will receive payment after buyer receives the product.
• To eliminate the fraud or scam, enche is screening and approve every product listing by merchant.

27. Can buyer leaves feedback on merchant?
Yes, buyer always can rate the merchant product or service at merchant’s store.

28. Can enterprise company join as merchant?
Yes. Merchant are welcome to join as merchant. Kindly refer and reach the page for sign up as merchant)

29. Where can merchant find enche’s contact information?
You may refer enche contact details in ‘Contact Us’.

30. Where can find company history and information about enche?
You may always read more about enche in ‘About Us’.

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