The turbulent entry of technology into our everyday life has changed how we live, how we work, how companies do daily businesses and how governments serve the people. E-Government services is a catalyst for enabling effective government services through a better access point to benefit citizens. According to Fang (2002), e-government can be defined as a measure for the government to use the most innovative information and communication technology in the form of web-based internet applications, to provide ease of access to citizens and businesses, particularly relating to information and government services.

E-Government also reduces cost and organizational processes by streamlining and re-organizing operating procedures. Moreover, by using the e-Government systems, it helps improve the performance of government agencies and it reflects as an effective and efficient public service assisting all customers. An e-Government service aims to make use of information technology in supporting government operations, engaging with citizens, and provide public services more efficiently and transparently. Most countries around the globe have manoeuvred into e-Government services, including countries within South East Asia (SEA). Many countries in SEA provide e-Government services directly via the official government website or mobile application and some government allow outsourcing the service to a third-party service provider. Countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh operates a similar e-Government means of service in which the main method is through the official government website or mobile application. Whereas in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, UAE, Brunei, Japan, Laos, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, China and South Korea appear to show alternative third-party platforms supporting the e-Government services much more appealing hence giving citizens a proxy option besides the official government platforms.

The government implements e-services due to many reasons according to many research done. Predominantly, e-Government services help improve government agencies efficiency in processing data towards an occurring technology advancement thus data management too have progressed, so must we. E-Government services also improves favours through better understanding of citizens’ requirements, this qualifies as a quantifier towards a seamless online service.

Through this e-Government service, information sharing and exchanging ideas between all government agencies and department building under one colossal data base can be done seamlessly. Of course, other than citizens’ as priority, e-Government service help assist economic policy objectives by promoting productivity gains ingrained in ICT. Moreover, it also improves transparency, sustains and better the accuracy and balancing information transforming between government and citizens. Finally, it helps build trust between governments and citizens.

Indicators towards building a strong ground for the government e-service stems from workability levels from confirmatory factor analyses. Many analyses were done focused on 3 main factors which are efficiency, effectiveness and growth. Generally, e-service quality is statistically significant and related to customer behaviour. Customers positive reaction and acceptance towards this e-Government service show from the overwhelming usage and traffic on government e-service websites as well as the outsource e-Government service providers. However, e-service quality had proven to have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. The rise in technology knowledge and awareness works as an indicator that e-services should be expanded and upgraded through the lines of times

1. Go to www.enche.com

2. Click e-Services

3. Select Type of Services

4. Complete the Requirement and Done

Previously citizen has to pay everything manually, their Tax and License and some other bunch of stuff.

They have to go to the nearest Government branch to do so. They have tu queue and wait for a long time in order to complete a simple request.

But now, enche is providing the solution for the problem. With e-services provided by enche it will greatly help the citizen to do their request through online!

It is Easy and Save Time! All citizen has to do is by going to www.enche.com and click e-services located at the top of your screen. We ensure you will notice the button.

Choose the type of e-services that you wanted. It could be Road Tax Payment, Renew Road Tax and many more!

Finally after you finish filling the necessary requirement, proceed with payment and it’s done. Simple is’nt it? May our platform be your one stop center for your problem. Cheers!

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