Ni hao everyone! Are you ready to venture one of the biggest, richest and most powerful country in the world? Strap on a facemask and sail together to this flowery land and strange delicacies and strict laws. We are of course talking about china, the land of exotic food, teas and of course The Great Wall.

With over a billion population, China is estimated that it will continue growing at a rate of 10 million people per year until the year 2033. China is also a country that has four seasons. If you’re someone who looks for ancient history, picturesque landscapes or cultural experience, then this might be the best country to visit . Let’s look into some of the best tourist attractions in the cities of China.

  1. The Li river 

Located in the north east corner of guangxi the town of guilin has some of the most beautiful countryside view and is also famous for their Li River. While you enjoy cruising along the river you could also witness some of the remarkable rock formations in Caves with romantic names like Mount of unique Beauty or the elephant trunk hill.

  1. Giant panda breeding base, Sichuan

Nothing completes your journey in China if you don’t witness the amazing panda bears. Located in Chengdu, in the province of Sichuan, the research base of giant panda breeding, house up to 80 pandas being in their natural habitat. You can also witness them doing their daily routines and also might get a chance to join their volunteer programs that could get you closer to them by feeding and caring those cuddly creatures.

  1. Zhangjiajie national forest park, Hunan

This National Forest Park is the first park in China that was established in 1982 and was a part of the wulingyuan scenic Arias. Not only you may enjoy witnessing wildlife and subtropical vegetation, this park also has a place called the Golden whip stream where you can see fish swimming in a crystal clear water.

  1. Zhouzhuang, Suzhou, Jiangsu

Zhouzhuang or you can also refer to as the “Venice of the East” where the whole town is  crossed with rivers and streams lined with ancient houses. With wonderful designs of houses and architectures you can able to witness the whole city by getting on a boat ride.

  1. Suzhou Gardens and Canals

About 65 km away from Shanghai, you can able to witness this picturesque city called Suzhou. The city itself has about 80 Gardens with fish ponds and rockeries. It is also famous for its Silks. There is also a boat ride which is another way to enjoy the beautiful city of Suzhou.

  1. Hangzhou, Zhejiang 

A.k.a the paradise on earth. The wonderful city is just close to Shanghai. What catches the eye is the tranquillity field with Gardens temples Pavilions and historical streets.

  1. Macau 

Macau is about 62 km away from Hong Kong. Macau is also considered one of the earliest European colonies in Asia. It also has a name that’s suits the region which is the Vegas of China.

As one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, it has its own historical background which is very unique and interesting. This region is also considered as a culinary capital.

  1. Huangshan, Anhui

Located in the Southern part of China this city is named after the yellow mountain which covers much of the city’s geographical view. The city has a vast amount of architecture and famous ancient villages. If you’re someone who likes to escape from The Hustle and bustle of the world, this city would be your Gateway as it marry what you with tranquillity and peace.

  1. Wuxi, Jiangsu  

Wuxi, located just half way between the cities of Shanghai. This breath-taking region contains a lake which is called “Taihu lake” that you can get a traditional boat, sailing the amazing lake under the blue sky. They are also known for their Lingshan Grant Buddha, world’s biggest bronze Buddha. You can worship the Buddha and touch the largest Buddha’s hand for good luck and longevity.

Now that’s not just the end of China. This enormous country has its own background of how China was born. Let’s look at some of the historical places that allows us to learn more about this wonderful land.

  1. The Great Wall of China, Huairou 

This legendary wall covers an area over 8.850km! The Great Wall Of China was built over 2000 years ago. This wonder of the world was built as a defensive fort by three states of china which has now become the biggest tourist attraction.

  1. The Forbidden City, Beijing  

The home for emperors in the Ming and Qung dynasty. This unesco-listed Forbidden City, is China’s largest and best preserved collection of ancient buildings. For those who are visiting in year 2020 you are considered lucky because the year marks 6000th anniversary of the forbidden city where the Palace intends to celebrate by opening more complex for visitors that at any other time in its history as a tourist attraction.

  1. Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Jiangsu

The history behind this hall is quite a sad building experience. During the late 1930s , there was a mass murder campaign carried out by Japanese soldiers resulting in some 3000 deaths. However now the Memorial Hall is a very well-organised and has become an emotional impactful Museum.

  1. Potala palace, Tibet  

Located in Tibet, the winter palace of the Dalai Lama was named after the mythical Mount Potalaca. It is a home for Buddhist figure of Avalokiteswara which holds an important place in Buddhist culture and history.

  1. Ancient city of Dali 

This place has the best preserved body structure in China that are called,  the Three Pagodas even after enduring several man-made and natural catastrophes. Whereby the pagoda is also considered the tallest pagoda in China.

  1. Lijiang old town, Yunnan

This town are one of Yunnan’s province top tourist attractions. Interesting fact is that Kublai Khan was the first emperor to live in this 800 year old town and all 350 bridges cross kennels rebuilt through the city which allows you to enjoy the architecture and the cultural heritage of the Naxi minority.

  1. Summer Palace, Haidian

Being the largest and most well preserved royal park in China, it sure does influences Chinese culture and landscape with its natural views. There are also famous spots including Garden of harmonious interest, Hall of increasing Longevity and also Presence of Virtue Temple.

  1. Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan 

Home for the first Buddhist temple, Mt. Emei has a wonderful historical background whereby the statue of Leshan Great Buddha was carved out of the hillside by the Emeishan Buddhas themselves! Now that’s a lot of work.

  1. Emperor Qinshishuang’s Mausoleum site museum, Shaanxi  

You may have seen this tomb in “The Mummy” where the soldiers were alive and was attacking the heroes. So this must be in one of your bucket list. The real purpose why it was constructed is to accompany the tomb of China’s first emperor as an after light guard.

There are a lot of things to be seen inside the museum as it is quite big and is separated into 3 different vaults.

  1. Shaolin temple, Zhengzhou, Henan.

How wouldn’t we know China if there isn’t Kung Fu in it? As you may have seen in a lot of movies there is this one specific temple whereby every kung fu Masters were born. And this is where it all began. Shaolin temple, a place where martial arts and religious philosophy is thought. You can check out all sorts of martial art performances and also enjoy the old architectures and the stupas. Not to forget the vegetarian meal that is served there. The history of how the shaolin temple was built is very interesting and something you may check out while visiting there.

China is a country that attracts visitors with tons of festivities and countless of historical tourist attractions. I’m sure everyone wants to buy the perfect gift or souvenirs for your loved ones but is terrified to purchase any just because its “made in china”. There are several things that you can buy without hesitation and you could only get those in the country itself. Here is the list of things that you can buy from China:

  1. Chinese silks 

This silks are one of the most popular purchases among female turkey tourist. An even better idea is you purchase the sills and get a local tailor to create a one piece body traditional Chinese garment which you can preserve and bring back to your home and showcase it.

  1. Tea 

Tea place a very big role in Chinese community as they take tea very seriously. From black green and white tea and from Jasmine or any flower scented tea that carries a unique flavour is something you should bring back home. You can just purchase this teeth in a market with a reasonable price.

  1. Ceramic 

China is very famous for the exceptionally beautiful ceramics. We know that ceramics are very fragile however getting one in China is worth it! as it is designed with absolute mastery, patience and time.

  1. Chopsticks 

Now you may question yourself what’s so unique about chopsticks? It’s just a stick? For those who is a big fan of Chinese art and love the idea of eating with chopsticks there are plenty of shops you can get them. Eating with chopstick is not easy but in China, there are too many types of chopsticks that were made in order to eat different for different types of people . From wooden chopsticks, metal chopsticks, chopsticks made from bone and also technically advanced chopsticks for amateurs.

  1. Calligraphy 

China is also famous for the art of Chinese calligraphy. Now this would be a very cool souvenir where you can get your name written in calligraphy form so that it can be displayed on your wall at home.